During reading week 3B (Europaklasse) read a book in English. The book was called “It’s ok to be different” by Sharon Purtill. This book was specifically chosen as the themes that it introduced allowed the children to consider and discuss what makes us all the same and what makes us different.

The children themselves volunteered to read parts of the book aloud to their classmates and they did this with confidence. I was pleased to see that so many children were eager to read. We also discussed the illustrations and then we talked about what we all have in common first as a class and the children wrote their own ideas, which were fed back to the class. We did the same with what makes us different and the children came up with their own ideas. After having discussed our similarities and differences, the children chose their favourite page in the book and shared these with their classmates.

We also used music during these lessons to show both how this is something that can unite people but also can make us different and the children learned two different dances. The photos here show all of these elements of the learning and activities during reading week.

Ms Heather Tinsley, MA Ed