As I write these lines, I realise once again the great diversity of encounters, experiences, projects and events that took place in this school year.

For a portion of their lives, we educators are allowed to accompany, challenge and support children with an incredibly diverse range of mother tongues, countries of origin, interests and talents. It is a treasure that makes our Sacré Cœur community so unique and precious. Learning from and with each other enables you to broaden your horizons and experience the diversity of creation.

The diversity of reports on this website bears eloquent witness to this.

In addition to this school year’s diverse projects and initiatives, intensification of classroom digitalisation was certainly particularly important. It is particularly important, for example, for teachers to familiarise children with diverse media skills in an age-appropriate manner. Students were able to acquire key qualifications to prepare them for the future such as mobility (e.g. location- and time-independent learning), individualisation (e.g. working through learning material in a more in-depth form), cooperation (e.g. mutual support), collaboration (e.g. working with children in interest groups and achieving productive results together), information literacy ( e.g. research and evaluation of information) and self-learning skills (e.g. acquisition of knowledge via learning videos).

This extension of the existing methods allowed us to achieve something extraordinary during this time of coronavirus crisis. A diverse range of Padlets, pin boards, Zoom and Outlook team meetings, personal phone calls and individual mailing of work materials, allowed us to ensure contact and learning progress for our students during this time of emergency.

Sadly, the virus affected our sister community and we had to say goodbye to our Sacré Cœur sisters Eva, Erika and Herta. Rest in peace! I sincerely thank our students, who inspire us with their ideas, achievements and willingness to contribute in such a diverse manner.  A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported the diverse development of our school and consistently supported it with a view to the positive development of the students entrusted to us: To the teachers who have dedicated themselves to their work with great resolve and creativity through the truly great challenges of this diverse school year. To teacher Ms Günther, who was known for her great joy in working with children and for whom a new phase is beginning, we wish you all the best for your future plans. To the educators headed by Ms Anita Hofmarcher for their successful and fruitful cooperation. To the parents who entrust their children to us for education and who actively participate in school life. I would like to extend particular thanks to our parent association president, Dr Winter, who has contributed to our school life with diverse engagement. Also to our in-house employees – in the administrative, technology, cleaning and kitchen departments – and especially to Ms Astorga at the school reception and Ms Schönthaler in administration. To the director of our Gymnasium, Mr Mag. Reinhard Hallwirth, for his excellent cooperation afforded based on the greatest respect. All the best and God’s blessings for your new job as educational director of the EDW school foundation. To our school maintenance team, headed by Ms Mag. Andrea Pinz, the nuns of Sacré Cœur, especially Sister Mag. Hanni Woitsch and also the school quality manager responsible for us, Barbara Würzelberger BEd, MA.

God bless you!

Director Dipl. Ed. Eva Lindl

Juli 2nd, 2020|
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